Work at home mom's proven tips on how to work from homeHow To Earn Extra Money At Home For Mom
How To Earn Extra Money At Home For Mom



Includes 33 LEGITIMATE 
Work From Home Jobs / Home Business Ideas 
WITHOUT Huge Startup Capital



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=> Skeptical about the idea of making money from home?

=> Don’t know WHAT you can do at home?

=> Don’t know HOW to do?

=> No idea on WHERE to start?

No worries, here is the ANSWER to all of your doubts:











is your Starting Point to be HAPPY Work At Home Mom with PROVEN TIPS !!

This book will guide you along!

Unlike other books that give you general guideline on what to do at home, this book is a complete guide that will walk you through the entire resources to pursue your dream with:

Dear Mums,

Do you realize that, many decades ago, you mum or your grandmother did not ever heard about the acronym “WAHM” (Work At Home Mum)? They were left with choice of either working or staying at home. Perhaps the best job that matches the criteria of working at home that time is “babysitter”!

Is your mum or grandmother ever told you their dream career? Even they had it, they probably not afford or not worth to send so many of your siblings to aunty sitter. But yet they survive on single household income.

As opposed to old time, now both parents have to work to support the family finance and single household income is nearly impossible. Weird? No. Thanks to the increasing cost of living.

So, instead of “Working” versus “Staying at home”, the question among you and other mums is often “How to make money from home?!” “What are the legitimate work from home jobs available?!” “What kind of home based business suitable for me?!

We can’t deny that there are women who are successful in juggling the role of career lady and housewife, but majority of the mums are struggling in both lives. And maybe you are the mum whom faces the predicament to make a choice between Family, Career and Finance.

The concept of “Work From Home” becomes the better way to continue your professional life!


A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE and STARTING POINT for you to explore your DREAMS, no matter where you are in your work from home goal!

If you are thinking to join the growing number of work at home mums’ club, you may realize that figuring out a legitimate way to make money from home is challenging. You might have to earn money with your children on your foot and manage the household.

This ebook will make you more confident in pursuing your dream because you will be completely ready. Here’s what you will find in the 158 pages ebook written in non technical terms:

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Will SAVE you hours of Precious Time browsing for jobs from home and small business ideas !!

 Your investment now will PREVENT you from falling into pitfall of SCAM !!!


I am a stay at home mum. Before this, I really have no idea on what I can do at home to earn some money. This ebook open my mind that there are indeed many ways I can try to earn extra cash from home. Thank you very much!

~ Christina Ng, Stay at home mum, Kuala Lumpur

I would be able to save my few bucks to scammer should i know the way to identify scam earlier.

Before i get to know the tips to avoid scam from this ebook, I am in a couple of freelance and part time job from home on Facebook and I saw mainly similar kind of scam job posts mentioned in the ebook. At first I also contacted a few and even paid to get information but it turned out to be useless. If its genuine MLM I understand because you need to be a member. But all these were not.

This ebook is really helpful in offering useful techniques to identify and avoid different kinds of scam, not only in terms of paying upfront fee, while hunting for work from home jobs.

2015-04-25 17.47.44~Michelle Sebastian

Wellness Advocate for doTERRA International (

I am a work at home mum now. One of the big challenge in working from home is the uncooperative child. All this while, it’s truly crazy task juggling mothering and work at home. The tips in the book are fun and amazing. Can’t imagine i can work effectively yet can build up their positive attitude and character!

~ Nur ‘Adlin Abd Rahman,photo.php

4 years experience working at home, distributing comfortable mattress for precious babies in Asia. (Facebook: FluffyKekabu)

If you are still wondering whether you should buy this ebook, don’t hesitate any more! You will be amazed by how many ways it is possible to earn extra income. So what are you waiting for?!

~ Shu Fong ( from home

(Little Things Malaysia Mom & Kids Portal)

Here’s the excitement of readers after “burning midnight oil” (spend time during midnight) to finish the Ebook




And many other positive reviews from the readers

  work from home malaysia


I have yet to meet a mum who didn’t dream of staying at home with profitable work from home career. Imagine, by having a job from home that bring in extra money on the side or replacing your full time income:

“Live the life of your dreams with

Financial Freedom

Do the things you love and to be with the people who matter most to you with

Time Freedom”

work from home

WHO should get this book?

This book is dedicated to mums who:

If you are looking for some insight into a get rich quick scheme, this book is not for you because those book and programs are bogus. If you are looking for motivation to take the courage to explore your dream with legitimate ways to make money from home, make this book as your Starting Point!

No matter you are a stay at home mum, full time working mum or work at home mum now, if you are looking to supplement the income but not quite sure what you can do or what you are good at, this book is for you also!

Start working from home by finding a niche that you are interested as a great source of income for you!




You will get a free copy of my Ebook!




Decision Checklist


A checklist to help you make the decision so that you are well prepared and eliminate potential obstacles.


2015-04-25 22.06.52

You gain access to a special Facebook group of like minded mums, where we hold each other accountable to change our lives!

The group is growing with the members from all over the world in few months time after established.

I’ve been a stay at home mum since Aug 2014 while I was conceiving my baby.
Thanks to May’s effort to create the group for us, stay at home mums, who are trying to find work from home opportunities to help out the family. Her advice and tips are always constructive and helpful. Owing to her tips in the business that we can achieve from home, I have successfully established my own online store selling baby products.
Now I am confident to tell the world that I have transitioned myself to a work at home mum and proudly earned my first paycheck through some of the opportunities shared.
 I also now have the courage to tell people that I do not just “stay at home” and do “nothing” as everyone likes to put us in that situation; I stay at home and even work from home while looking after my family, home and help ease the burden on our financial welfare.
 I strongly recommend mums who wants to work from home to read more valuable tips & guidance written by May!

~ Sebrinah Yeo 11178466_971467489538648_1914014028_n
(FB page: “Ur Baby Store”;
work at home malaysia


(EBOOK + BONUS 1,2 &3)


So you think I will charge big bucks for the valuable information?!

No! The regular price for the Ebook with bonuses is RM85, But wait.…!

I want to make the Ebook affordable to all. That’s right! I believe by keeping the price low more mums will purchase the ebook and be able to pursue their dream with proper guide. And yet you get all the Bonuses at just RM49 !

RM85 RM49 !!! 

RM49 is not much considering so much valuable knowledge and information to learn from this ebook. That’s less than the cost of a meal in the restaurant. So, I truly hope that you could get this eBook for yourself.

It is probably a chance to change your life….!

Initially I was hesitated to buy this ebook because of the price and sceptical on the value it brings. I bought it and it is really worth with the knowledge and information i gained. It inspires me to explore my dream! 

~ SK Lau, Full time working mum, Subang Jaya

Please don’t wait any longer to get started.

Kick start your journey to earn EXTRA money from home!

Get the 


(Ebook + Bonus 1,2 &3) at 

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The ebook will be sent to you seconds after you have ordered and made the payment via credit card. That’s right! No more waiting for the book to be delivered to your mail box with zero shipping cost. You will have IMMEDIATE access to the ebook once you have made the payment. (The ebook will be sent to your email after the payment is cleared if the payment is made via online banking/ATM/bank in)

As a mum, your diaper bag is big and heavy enough to carry an extra printed book, so the ebook which is readable with smartphone or tablet is a smart way for you to bring and read it anywhere everywhere you go. Nevertheless, you can choose to print it for reading if you want to.


30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

I have so much confident in this ebook. But I understand you don’t know me. So if you honestly think that the information contained in the ebook is not useful to you at all. Simply send me an email and I will send you the full refund of every cent. No question asked!


About Me:

I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Quantity Surveying (QS) from University of Malaya, Malaysia. Now, I am a casual worker in my profession while running my own home business.

As a mum, I love to spend as much time as i can with my two children as other mummies do.

After my children were born, I had been a full time worker, stay-at-home mum and a work at home mum. So, I have learnt the tricks of all.

Few years ago, there was a group of mum asked for my resources on working from home. It urges me to compile the information to share with every mum who needs it. 

The Ebook includes the solutions to mums’ dilemma in the journey of working from home, from the input of hundreds and thousands of like minded mums as well.

I’m glad that it had helped many mums kick started and succeeded in their online or home business.

It thrills me if I can help you to earn money from home.  

I hope after reading this book you can successfully realize your dream and able to spend more time with your family.

Yes, it takes time and hard work if you want to earn a full time income by working from home. However, if working at home is truly something you want, you will find a way.

Should you require further inquiry, please email me at or

Wishing your dream will come true soon…

All the best! ^~^


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